Black Window Shades Simplify the Process to Block Light From Your Home

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There are many factors that are all part of how a home looks . From your paint colors and furniture , to rugs and black window shades coverings , all these items are part of the look of your home . What window covering you choose will shape how a room looks , and how much light it lets in . Some rooms naturally have a lot of light , and though at times this is great , there are times you want to block out the sun . Having […]

How To Make Rice Paper Window Shades

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Rice paper window shades are popular due to the unique lighting effect they provide . They offer privacy while allowing diffused light to enter the room . Rice paper shades are organic and functional . Although the paper looks delicate it is quite strong and can be used for years together . You will require a piece of rice paper which is enough to cover your window . A simple window shade using rice paper can be made by cutting the paper to right dimensions , stringing the paper on […]

Keeping Homes Comfortable With Fabric Window Shades

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Fabric Window Shades do a lot to keep a home comfortable. They are effective in blocking out the sun’s rays, reducing the heat that accumulates in a house and cutting glare. In the wintertime, they help keep homes warm by catching cold air coming in through drafts and blocking it before it trickles into the house. One of the more popular fabric window shades on the market is the cellular shade. They have fantastic insulating abilities that cut energy bills keeping families comfortable financially as well as in their homes. […]

Covering it Up With Window Roller Shades

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As the sunlight spills into the boardroom; piercing directly into your eyes as you conduct the most important presentation of your career, this is not the time to have those roller shades that your grandmother used to have. You know the ones; the window roller shades that were so thin that you could puncture a hole into it if you were not careful or the ones that used to snap back if you pulled down too hard. Window roller shades have since come a long way and right now are […]

Blackout Window Shades: There Are Many Unique Kinds

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Blackout window shades provide the delicate quality of draperies with a more concise regulation of the light. They offer stylish design, energy efficiency, solar and privacy containment. Shades elegantly cover very nearly any window. The shade collection includes ultra energy efficient cellular Shades, crisp and colorful Pleated Shades, many stunning variations of the conventional and practical Roller Shades, classy Roman Shades, uniquely textured Woven Wood Shades, and the multifaceted Silhouette Window Shadings and Pirouette Window Shadings. Cellular Shades are attractive and all-purpose. They are available in a selection of constructions […]

Exterior Window Shades In All Shapes And Sizes

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Exterior window shades are window treatments that are usually hanged or attached to the exterior of the window . They are usually quite large to cover up multiple windows or at least cover a large area that will serve as protection from the heat of the sun . An external shade or awning can offer shelter for kids to play outdoors . They can be on open air and still be shaded from direct sunlight . Shades Using Awnings Awnings are much more effective at keeping heat out of the […]

Outdoor Window Shades Design

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One of the most efficient outdoor window shades are weather shield rollers that can actually hamper heat from the sun. As compared to other treatments, such kind will not only block the glare but absorb humidity which causes an unsettling type of atmosphere in the interiors. Using the equipment offers the privacy you need but it would not be obtrusive to your panoramic vista. Outdoor window shades are perfect to be placed in porches, terraces, verandas and patios. As those parts of an abode add loveliness to the fa├žade, the […]

Pointers When Buying Pleated Arch Window Shades

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Pleated arch window shades provide the ideal balance of form and function. These types of shades are generally available with solid colors that filter light to a soft glow. They are best known for their crisp and clean modern look. However, these window shades also come in a wonderful assortment of patterns and colors, and they can provide a wide range of privacy levels from soft lighting through “sheer” fabrics to complete blackout. While they are generally inexpensive, make sure you choose a product that carries good quality and is […]

Pleated Window Shade To Other More Expensive Kinds

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Pleated shade are made of stiffened and pleated fabric. When these shade are pulled up the pleats get gathered in a uniform manner and sit flat at the top of the window. The fabric chosen for making pleated shade is what determines how appealing the finished product looks. Different colors, weaves, patterns and textures are used, often as per customer requests, to make pleated window shades. Bright colored fun prints can be chosen for a child’s room to add an element of charm. Manufacturers offer customers the option of choosing […]